My Consience

Written by: sindisiwe Dube

l have been running away from you
lam out of breath and you are right behind me
Sometimes you hurt me with your kindness
And l smile to say thank you and sigh a little
Its so hard to separate reality from the truth
To you truth comes first and l suffer
For having you as an eternal gift
One moment we are friends and another
l resent you face more than anything
l see you in my frame less mirror
Your Angelic face ask me why
l have run out of excuses and explanations
you and l were supposed to be one
But innocence has been stolen only to leave tears behind
The hands of time are not to blame
They are just there to move ahead
Your spirit could change this corrupted world
l hate myself for rejecting you when l sleep at night
the end is yet to come
and now l have learnt to understand your love
l cannot run anymore
l will let you take over my life
You and l will grow old together
As you embrace me in your arms