The Dream

Written by: Yvonne Sorensen

Shuffling carefully through the silent darkness Alone Blindly reaching out Fear hones my remaining senses. An unseen hand brushes my arm! Paralyzed by terror Conscious of each trembling breath Deafened by my hammering heart I wait. Is anyone there? Hot breath titillates my neck! A wave of heat surges through my body Still paralyzed I wait. A slow caress traces the line of my backbone! Shivers of excitement fire along every nerve Fear starts to fade I wait. Invisible fingers run through my hair! Terror turns to exhilaration I wait. Bewildered by feathery kisses Inducing escalating shocks of pleasure Exquisitely conscious of each trembling breath Undulating to the rhythm of my hammering heart Paralysis dissipates But still I wait Vibrating with anticipation Aching, longing for the next fleeting contact Desperately afraid that each loving touch May be the last.