Written by: Jeff Bresee

When forever finally comes to town
Not sure I wanna be around
When it stands outside to 
Knock upon my door

I’ll hide inside
Not make a sound
Turn out the lights
Get on the ground
Lay in the quiet
Shadow of the floor

And if forever’s not deterred
No worry, I’ll plan for the worst
I’ll wait it out
I’ll stock up every shelf

I’ll let forever
Knock all day
And hope it finally
Goes away
Don’t answer’s what
I’ll sit and tell myself

And if forever starts to pound
Hard on the door to knock it down
I’ll stack the furniture 
Up high and deep

I’ll nail some boards
Ill brace, I’ll wedge
I’ll cross my heart 
I’ll make a pledge!
That, “While forever’s there
I’ll never sleep”

For in the end I know I’ll win
I’ll never let forever in
Nor ever let it have 
Its’ way with me

And I’ll not step 
Outside again
Yes, can’t you see
I’m bound to win
Forever locked inside…
Is where I’ll be