Doctor Superhuman

Written by: Justin C. Morgan

I watched him step into the walk-in closet
Don’t know what he does, inside there
But out steps a beautiful man, dressed and prepared.

He saves people everyday quietly in his way
They all know his name day to day
And I think I know his missions of play.

This man is a super human, by right
With the ability to change, at the night
To save me, in my dimmest of light

Others are portrayed, like Batman, like in Superman
And they are all viewed, having the same plan
Disguising only hiding what they think they can

If only people knew what this man could do
We would all be so brave, also as a rule
To call out his name when we are nearly through

I watched him step into the walk-in closet
And yes he saved me just the same
With his beautifully featured frame.