Total Bliss

Written by: Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson

Questions bordering the edges
Demons causing uncertain wedges
To touch the deepest darkest side
Breach the abyss so deep and wide
Go on inside the hollow cave
Search for the little girl to save
Aura around that feels so eerie
Hesitation and frozen with leery
Trembling wires within and throughout
Frozen in time with pondering doubt
Crouching down spying a peek
Sleeping there so sound asleep
Courage lagged but came on back
Because burning desire there is no lack
The Demons are relentless this is so true
Yet not as strong if we so choose
Spirits abound sent you to free
The sleeping girl whom you choose to see
Then captured her from within the deep
Carried she off and safely keep
Ever so gentle was then to be told
Her mind and Spirit to be so bold
Because she chose to stay all alone
Tricked by Demons cold as a stone
O Gentle One sent to wake her up
Then drinking from that half full cup
Giving from inside all that there is
Moving clouds across sunshine. Total Bliss

Copyright © by Scarlett Anderson
Written February 2, 2010

Note: This poem was inspired and dedicated to someone special I am interested in dating 
after 7 years of being divorced and single.