Written by: Edmund Siejka

Silent horses 
Shiny coats
Faded dull
Wait in an empty carousel.

Once they were ready to charge
Dependable and brave
Rows of wooden horses mounted on posts
Moving up and down 
Galloping to the accompaniment of 
Gypsy music
On wings that could go anywhere 
A young imagination wished.

Darkness comes again
Shadows move in the dim light 
Of families watching 
Wind in their hair
Caught in the thrill of the ride
Wanting to go
Round and round
The carousel
Just one more time.

The hurdy gurdy music
Louder and louder
Daring young hands
To reach for the brass ring
And all their dreams.

In the morning mist
The Gypsies break camp
Speaking in whispers
Fires are dampened
Guitars put away
Wagons moved out
Past farms
And open fields
As the Vagabonds
Continue their sad journey
In search of another carousel.