Diet Demon

Written by: Janette Fisher

One day, on a sudden whim,
I started a sponsored slim
In an effort to get me trim
And raise funds, for our ‘Hospice’ of much renown
Things were going good,
I was doing what I should
By eating healthy food
But there was one thing, which always let me down
This was the evil demon drink
And wine was my armours chink
Straight down the kitchen sink
It should have went, if truth be known
Not satisfied with just one glass,
I’d drink each drop, until the last
Then hunger struck and I’d break my fast
Guilt, the next day, would make me frown
When I stepped on the scales,
And saw to no avail
My slimming quest had failed
I felt I’d betrayed my cause and let people down
This led me to proclaim
This day, from wine I will abstain
So pounds I’ll lose, not to regain
And raise the funds for our ‘Hospice’ of much renown.