Raining over me

Written by: Diogenes Zuniga

I want to feel -
what you feel.
Get hurt but at the same time get healed.
Lord, please give me your heart 
so I could feel 
what you feel.

I want to see -
what you see.
Watch my own people crucifying me
with disguise and deceive.
Jah, please give me your eyes
so I could see
what you see.

I want to hear -
what you hear.
The whole world praying to me
with painfully tears.
Abba, please give me your ears
so I could hear 
what you hear.

I want to think -
How you think.
Patiently waiting for you to accept me in your life
in a blink of an eye.
Christ, please give me your mind
so I could think
how you think.

I want to shine -
how you shine.
Loving you unconditionally timeless;
fixing your broken-heart with delicacy and kindness.
Jesus, please give me your spirit
so I could shine
how you shine.

Lord, I want to be more like you.
I want to feel more like you.
I want to act more like you.
I want to laugh more like you.
I want to cry more like you -
because i want to die just like you.

Jesus just keep raining over me.