You've Won

Written by: Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson

The anger that from you seeps
All around your aura it does creep
Fingertips of darkness reach from within
To reach the contents of this lonely den

And burns as it touches the skin

Oh words of fire from your lips
As faces melt and begin to drip
Like wax a facade before me
Hardened by the innocent breeze

Reaching deeper than the surface of thee

Innocence there is no more
Once knocking upon the door
Finally opened and in you came
Wreaking havoc to cause me pain

No umbrella for thee out in the rain

The weapon it became so very dull
Trying to crack the hardened hull
Then when to conquer no more
Go on crawling out the door

Leaving empty. Wanting more.

Thinking you've taken all there is
But no mistaken about the miss
If only known how you failed
To touch the parts that are still in jail

Tempting hard but to no avail

Came so close but once again no game
So very close but all is the same
Close enough to breach the wall
Peek over the edge before the fall
Looking to that setting sun
Refusing here to come undone

As I sadly tell you that you've won

Copyright © by Scarlett Anderson