How can u be so stupid!!

Written by: Marylyn Trujillo

How can u be so stupid he had
everything for you a house a car
how can u be so stupid !! he loves u 
he tried so hard he actually loved you!!

How can u bee so stupid!! Life and Love
only happen once in a life time how can u be 
so STUPID!!  WHAT the hell you going to 
do in Mexico You have nothing over there!!

He loved you the only thing u are going to do is make
the little girl suffer what kind of life u going to show 
her its very tough to get food and money !! How can 
you be so stupid !! 

You might not have had friends but u had people to 
talk to how can u just up and leave with out a word what
are u going to do over there life is so hard and i feel so sad 
for the baby !!