She’s Too Far Gone

Written by: Mike Butler

She’s too far gone, away from me and what was to be.
All the many moments that glimmered gold and ran free
Through the beginning of a beautiful bond begun
In the café that Tuesday with a simple smile that spun
My worn out world upside down. I had coffee she had tea.

Eventually, the stars slid through her hourglass and she
Grew tired of the toiling and holding on to a dream of me,
More mature—more sane. I wonder if anything can be done;
She’s too far gone

To even listen to the desperate desperation in my plea
To commandeer change, in a heart willing to make her see
That we had it all and understand the love still left undone.
Apologies! To the empty promises always kept—you never won! 
A fight about fate, our future—anything! Now I see, and must agree;
She’s too far gone.