On the wings of love

Written by: mike patrick

always feel like im falling 
scared to hit the ground
afraid i'll wake up
and u wont be around

feeling like superman
complex and immune
to all lifes carnage
trying to bring me down too soon

the way you make me feel
i cant even explain
like a little school boy
playing in the rain

you are my kryptonite
you, and you alone
lost forever without you
as if i was never known

i can go a day
without hearing your voice
i hear your thoughts in my head
as if i had a choice

you are my other half
you make me complete
you have succeded
where many others met defeat

i may not be perfect
well not even close
but if love was my poison
you would be my overdose

at the gates to heaven
people push and shove
i soar right over them
on the wings of love

i thank God personally
"what did i do?"
he sent me an angel
and i fell in love with you

M.W. Patrick