Strength In My Eyes

Written by: Noble Smalls

Its to no surprise pain runs deep, at night its hard to sleep.

Eyes closed my mind is not clear, doing battle with myself wears me down with out 
the hope to even smile.


Crying out loud no one hears me, feeling un loved and lost a simple combination of 
death, but my heart still beats to complete my soul, I continue to move on.


Though walking miles and miles builds my back stronger no matter how many pounds 
of pain I carry.  My goal to be in control of my life that at times makes it hard for me 
to want to live after pain as infected my heart.


I'm learning to forgive

Learning how to love and let go.

I wanted her love,  but now the tears have dried.

 I no longer cry.


She asked me, "How?", I replied

"I was built to survive and you can see it in the strength of my eyes."



By KSmalls