Written by: Karla Null

I asked the Lord for guidance, He gave me a choice today,
I could live my life how I wanted or I could follow in His way.
The road that I had taken, was a long and narrow path,
I strayed beyond the boundaries of His patience and His wrath.

I asked the Lord for wisdom, He gave me another choice,
I could pretend that I was deaf or I could listen to His voice.
I thought I needed education to prove that I was smart,
Intelligence was lost on me because I had hatred in my heart.

I asked the Lord for fortune, He said the choice was mine,
I could be have wealth, but I'd have to leave him behind.
I thought that money could buy happiness, not being poor.
So caught up I was in this world, I ignored every open door.

I gave the Lord my answer, the choice was mine to make,
He would surely guide me but the path was mine to take.
Wisdom came from experience, my fortune came in praise,
It is my choice to follow Him, for the rest of my days.