Thank you and Hello

Written by: Linda Etling

I’ve been sitting here searching 
To find a simple way
To write to all who wrote to me
For I have a word to say

I just wanted to tell you
In a few simple words
Just how Kind you all are
In this poetry world

But you see I’m new to this site
job and kids no time to play
I just wanted to tell you Thank YOU
For the kind words sent my way

So I came up with this simple poem
To find a way into your hearts
And tell my dear friends in Poetry Soup 
Your all mentors from the start!

Your talents and your words
touch me so many ways
It’s you who deserve the compliments
In the lessons of what you say

Someday I’ll figure out what to do
To get to know you all
But for now I send my Thank you’s
And Poetry Soup is just a Ball!