Armed In My Voice

Written by: Justin C. Morgan

Disgust would have your lust any day
Keep in mind it’s only mutual for us this way
Never should we think of infidelity
I know you must understand every word
This is why we become absurd
Catch a glimpse, I caught your eye
Single-handedly comb our lie
Take me quiet and alone
Find yourself only in my home
Generosity pays what is but lost
This is not how we came by lust
Partners such your kind are hard to find
We both know we are so eagerly blind
Take a deep breath, I shall give you mine
Forget the thank you’s, you’re too kind
Keep my thoughts always near
Someday you’ll recall them, dear
Can’t last for your always
Don’t count the days
We could have had each other’s ways
Single out this last thought please
This could be my last brain tease
Now we know our say
Disgust would have your lust any day.