Tempt Me Not

Written by: Justin C. Morgan

Knowing what you meant invokes me to cry
Did you mean to be so completely cruel
You found the ones wounded in me how
Too comfortable with discouragement now
That only took a single blow
Blow by blow we never know
Did you mean to steal courage away
I’ve never met the real you day after day
Never been good at all about what flew
Just look through me again and again
The transparent always get seen right through
Monsters can have a peppermint view
Not to say what their masters do
Shocking is always a lie in disguise
Drag your heals deeper to cry
Find that trust you hide inside
Sorry never felt fright in your arms
Always something setting traps and alarms
More or less filthy thoughts of bedroom harms
Flowers cascading from the dread
Savage beast go skipping ahead
Without you I would have one less eye
Knowing what you meant invokes me to cry.