Mystery Man

Written by: Carlos Mongrut

Mystery man, do you exist?
mystery man, where do you live?

Have we ever seen your eyes?
for you to look at us that way

Have we ever seen your face?
that picture could be of someone else

Have we ever heard your voice?
Do you even have one?

Artists are real, nothing to hide
so why do you hide if you are a real artist?

Are you a friend or the most miserable man?
envy to others may be eating you alive

Do you think you can hurt solid ground?
mystery man with no sound

Do you think you can hurt my friends?
when they are stronger and you are a fake

What happened to you that made you like that?
Where is the crown that you don’t have?

Why do you go behind people’s backs?
Do you think they are not smart?

Mystery man, do you perform?
Do you play live what you say you own?

Mystery man, what is your age?
Are you fifteen or seventy eight?