Written by: Susan Palli

Can true wisdom be found ? What do you think ?
Where do you go when you’re on the brink 
Of losing your mind in this troubled world.
When lawlessness rules and lies have been told.
There’s only one place where we’re sure to find
The truth about life and how to be kind.
It’s found in the Bible which is  God’s Word.
As in Psalms and  Proverbs there is much to be heard.

Did you know that being humble is a desirable trait?
That arrogance is just  a subtle way to bait
The fools who think that they can be gods.
If only they knew with Whom they’re at odds.

Yes, wisdom can be found for everyone who dares
To read the Bible which shows God cares.
Divine knowledge will help you to acquire
happiness and purpose-- which we all desire.