humanity insanity

Written by: steve meadows

Humanity Insanity
What’s the difference between humanity and insanity?
The insane is a unique version of the membrane
The insane play by themselves 
Like the last toys on the shelves
The ones with defects
But with the right love and care they work just like the perfects
The soldiers march
The dolls spin
When will I get to see you again?
My friend from within
Where have you gone
Its been so long
No one understands me like you do
We were a perfect pair 
number one and two
Now your lost
Please come back to me I need to talk
Youll be my friend 
Until the end
I hope you don’t betray me
I hope you don’t slay me
Im not a dragon
But I am sure braggin 
About my best friend
My number two
We go together like chick and peas
I bless you when you sneeze
Youll be with me til im dead
To bad your just a friend
In my head
But with my imagination
And my creativity you will be free
I will free you from within me
We can laugh we can cry
Well say hello but not goodbye
Cause my best friend you
My number two