You Are My Soul

Written by: Mike Butler

You are my soul.

Without you life does not 
Breathe or bring 
Existence to all the 
Colors that surround and 
Circulate my being.  

I know we have been 
Connected long before time was 
Time and wrong became right.  

My Dearest, 
Meaning has become 
Real, reliable, dependable—
Like no other tangible thing 
I could ever trust to know.

In you, I have found 
My left and right, 
My east and west, 
My direction, 
My compass
In a world where I would surely
Be as lost as the stars searching 
For salvation from the deep 
Dark space that surrounds and 
Encloses them.  

Please find all the comfort and
Compassion in knowing that you 
Have and will always be— 
And what forever 
Will always be, 
That certain limitless character 
Who has shaped 
My past, 
My present, 
My destiny.

You are my soul.

Submitted for Matt Caliri's "I Love You Because" contest