To the Love of my Life

Written by: Susan Palli

I’ve tenderly tried to plant lots of love,
Love that comes from God above.
But what I’ve gotten has only been rotten,
And life without heartache I’ve surely forgotten.

If I could find out how to reach you one day,
If you would let me, I could teach you; I say.
I’d show you what it means to have loving kindness,
And finally take away all of your blindness

If  just for once you would then say,
I did it for you it would be O.K.
I could look once more for some love inside;
If there is any more I will not hide.

I’ve loved you more than you’ll ever know.
Freedom I gave you so that you could grow.
I’ve remained faithful right up to the end.
It’s all up to you, shall we begin again?