Just A Normal Day!

Written by: Sara Lewis

The roof is leaking, and the heater is out, the kids are awake  jolting about, the 
windows are ajar and the door is cracked, and the toast is 
burning really bad. The car is started and its leaking gas and the kids just won't 
stop jolting about, the windows won't shut and are slamming about, The kids just 
won't quite running around. The door won't open more then an inch and is 
hanging up by just one clinch. The kids are already jolting bye eating there 
breakfast as they go bye, out the door they all go to the car that has a FRO , down 
the road to the left, pull a quick-e- and make a left,  just in time for the bell, the 
kids are all gone in a dash almost faster then a mouse. Off mom goes in a 
smash to  finally  go smoke her stash!!!!!