Are we evolving?

Written by: James Ray Morris

How can this be, I think to myself,
My life is now changing, ever changing.

Sensing myself lifting into the air and no longer upon a shelf.
New dimensions, I seem to be forever transcending.

Not only me but others likewise, building something new.
As if they are also headed for better days.

As I read the scriptures I see something commented upon but by few.
Which shows an evolution of mankind out of his daze.

I see mankind coming out a dog eat dog philosophy
And headed towards a spirit of cooperation in life's forward struggle.

No longer, trying to grab what the other has won with such difficultly.
But, creating something of one's own with one's own skill, so surely.

Then standing back and smiling as another creates something new and great.
Then once again we all move forward again, inspired by each other's new day.

Then one and all can admire each other's great feat.
Where one and all can with pomp and circumstance run out and play.