The Solution

Written by: Susan Palli

Everyone says no, no, no.
Everywhere I go, go, go.
I’ve got no time for you , they say
They’re just so busy,  they run away.

No more fun and no more laughter
Money and time are all they’re after
Run, run, run, quick, quick, quick.
They don’t know that they’re sick, sick, sick.

Time is running out, they feel.
They’re running after what’s not real.
They can’t get enough of fame and glory
Right from the start, been the same old story.

Fight, fight, fight for more, more, more,
They’re just thirsty for blood and gore.
Debauchery rules in this final era,
We’re all caught up in a world of terror.

There is a solution for those who seek
Sincerity, fidelity, yes, those who are meek.
A brand new world will replace the old.
Run buy God’s kingdom as Jesus has told.

For that was his purpose to come to the earth
In order to restore what became lost at first.
To give us a sample of  what will take place
When he’ll rule as King over every nation and race.