Feel Good Religions

Written by: Ronald Bingham

Suppose you went to several doctors who told you your prognostics were grim,
And you didn’t like what you heard so you find a feel good doctor and decide you’d best
listen to him.
The fact is he didn’t really make you feel better he just said what you had wanted to hear,
All the while you are getting sicker and the evidence is quite clear!

The same thing is going on in many of our churches, they are not teaching what God wants
them to teach,
They are trying to please man, not God, in the sermons they preach.
These feel good preachers need to be honest and preach what God commands for our souls to
be saved,
Obedience, faithfulness, the very actions of His Son, which to the world he gave.

Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, and few there be that find it,
It is something we truly have to search for with all our heart and we must never quit.
God says prove all things, don’t be guilty of taking someone at there word,
Learn your Bible, it’s our first and best defense to many lies you will incur.

Repent, turn away from whatever wrong you do,
Get baptized and be a servant of God, for His Kingdom is there for you.
The Gospel is the Good News, the Inspired Word of God, given unto man,
Just a few simple rules, not really all that hard to follow, that is God’s plan!