Paint My Life

Written by: Destiny Echo

Today I painted a picture to Represent my life and who I am I had many colors at my fingertips But I only used a few, I started with A silver blue, to represent the calm & serene River I am I let red symbolize the wildfire of anger That courses through my veins I let black, the color of asphalt stand for the suffering And the pain A snowy white Was to signify my bubbling laughter The kind you always want to chase after I used a magnificent purple, like the Color of a ripe grape to represent The colorful imagination where much of my time has been spent Orange was there to embody My freedom, like a little girl Spinning with her bright summer dress spread all around her A nice sunshine yellow stood For the creativity locked inside me When I finished painting that picture I thought how unique, Destiny.
_________________________________________ This was an assignment that I had to do for my creative writing class =)