A Miracle in the Midst of Chaos

Written by: Ronald Bingham


Six days she lay beneath the rubble of concrete and debris,
Pinned down with little hope of survival, just faith that God would send help to set her free.
Six days and five nights, in total darkness, her weak voice called out but no one came,
A billion thoughts ran through her mind, but every thought ended in Jesus’ name.

Her faithful husband stayed at the site, 
Looking, digging and listening, each day and night.
And on that sixth day, after many tons of concrete were moved away,
He heard a voice so weak, I’m here, help me, I’m O.K!

Still trapped beneath much debris, an after shock now was feared,
Much steel rebar and concrete still had to be safely cleared.
But with time running out, and few power tools at hand, the outcome looked so very dim,
Then like out of the blue, a U.S. firefighter crew shows up, and now the outlook is not so

Three hours later they pulled her out, 
And gave her back to the loving arms of her husband who never had doubt.
Call it luck or call it what you will, but to me it was a miracle this woman got free,
Six days without food or drink, trapped beneath tons of concrete, it was truly a miracle
for all to see.