GODS ANGELS heavens football team

Written by: T.A. Skyles-Theoklapoet

Hey Jesus Christ is our Quarterback,
He's MVP and never gets sacked,
Twelve Apostles are the rest of the team,
The Bible is their rule and Jesus is their steam.

They always win and never lose,
Cheering for souls for God to use,
With Father God as the Heavenly Coach,
The Holy Spirit now will approach.

God's Angels are the team to try,
Wearing their jerseys all will fly,
Across the goal line happily,
Scoring touchdowns for Eternity.

Some are not fans of this great sport,
Wait till you join this Heavenly Court,
And be a player on a winning streak,
God's Angels team is quite unique.
                          Teresa Skyles
Co-written Linda-Marie Bariana one of the best poets on soup. 
Entered in Chris D.Aechter"2nd.chance"contest