Is There a Hell?

Written by: Susan Palli

Does hell really exist? That you may ask.
Do the wicked in fire eternally bask?
Well, how could a God of love conceive
Such a punishment to humans who die and then leave
Their family and friends on this earth to grieve?

The wages of sin is death and not hell.
God promises us resurrection and will dispel
All pagan beliefs that come from bad spirits
From man-made religion, from sin we inherit.
No fire or torment or suffering do we merit.

The answer is simple, the Bible tells us
We were created to live forever because
Our Maker planned that we never die
That we live forever on this Earth to rely,
On Him who loves us and who cannot lie.

However, man wanted to learn for himself
If he could self-govern without God’s help.
So he’s tried all sorts of governments and regimes,
Religions and spiritualism and everything that seems
Right in his own eyes but wrong God deems.

God gave us the freedom to choose, so you see.
Life in the new world with Him we can be.
If we decide to live with Jesus as our head
In the new world as promised, there’ll be no more dread
Nor tears, nor anguish, but happiness instead.