To the Writer of a Sad Poem

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

To the writer of a sad poem 

You have posted a poem today 
Which shows the extreme gloominess and sadness of your mind.

Your writing shows that you have great potentials,
But you have to give it a chance. 

Life may not be good right now for you, 
Due to prevailing darkness all around, 
But please give a chance as your have the powers 
In your writing to convert this darkness 
Into a bright sunshine. 

My good wishes and prayer that you come out 
From this darkness without eliminating life 
Which is not yours but a gift of God. 

Kanpur India 17th January 2010

Note: These lines were written on 16th Jan 2010 when
I saw a poem while posting my own poem on the board
In the name of Suicide. It appears to me that the writer
of this poem is in utter depression and perhaps my 
words may sooth her a little.
After completing my comments which is still on that poem
Suicide I found that these comments 
could be posted as a Poem also and that is how this poem 
came into existence. I have no idea whether the writer
of Suicide has come out of her deep depression or not?
As since then there is no new posting from that poet
on the board.

May God give her strength and courage and peace.

rechecked on 29th Jan. 2010