Nothing is as it seems

Written by: Skyy Allen

Nothing is for certain
Left alone in the freezing frigid winter air
Thinking>>always thinking
I think I think too much<<
I always find myself alone in the end

Thinking how, when & where it all went wrong///
I'm not as strong as I think I am
Thinking that I'm more than I am
Ashamed to say I'm nothing more than a man

Corrupt to a fault
I know how to play the game of espionage
Manipulation comes easy to a quiet "good" little boy
Who spent his days observing human frailties & weaknesses
Using shyness as a guise to masquerade in the lion's den of hypocrisy & denial
A master of disguise, I've become a thespian of sorts
Performing before a sold-out theatre***
Closing with a standing ovation.