The Fog

Written by: Skyy Allen

Driving home from work staring at the city streets
Streaming through the night listening to the radio
Captive to a song, thinking 'bout where I'm headed##
What do I want out of life??
Sinking in the driver seat I stare into the night
Following the headlights in-front of me

Doing a bit of soul-searching, some introspecting<<>>
Wondering why I've been so confused: lost in a sea of fog???
My mind is clouded, my heart feels jaded///
Staring in the mirror, I ponder...
I speak of love without truly knowing what it means to be in love((()))
A lovesick addict--finding my fix with pen in hand & heart to match
Igniting the page with words of unrequited devotion
I imagine myself unlovable; lost in the woodlands of my heart"""

There's only been one who I've thought worthy of my love
His heart entwined with mine
Suffocating in the arms of time
My heart longs for a love that surpasses my own
What I'm looking for is a guy who can make me laugh
Who can quiet every uncertainty with just a breath***
Who has a tender-loving heart, who takes the time to listen...
To inquire about all things
Stumbling over fallen trees & bended knees I fall into sleep{{}}
Waiting for the day when I can finally dance.