The Healer Part V (from my life story)

Written by: Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson

My children are all grown and have gone to seek their own lives. Since that time on different 
occasions, I had two very close friends show me their warts and tell me how they've worn 
them since the age of five. They didin't even know each other. I listened very carefully
each told all they've tried and how they wished to be rid of them.  One of my friends even 
cried. And then I told them the story of the Spirit of the Healer Ms Agnes as I held their 
hands in mine.  When I said, "maybe. Just maybe there's enough of the Spirit of The Healer 
Ms Agnes left in there for you too",  Not wanting to give false hope I added, "it may not
it's been such a long time". 

Many moons went by before I saw those two friends again.  But the first thing they wanted to 
tell me was that they awoke with their warts in their bed and to offer me thanks.  "No thanks 
goes to me" said I. "It's all the Spirit of The Healer Ms Agnes who comes to make the warts 
go away. I am merely a vessel" I said, as I hugged them goodbye.

The End

Copyright © by Scarlett Anderson