A Tragedy

Written by: Ronald Bingham

Sitting at the dining table, the old man began to sob.
He said Lord I was just a wondering how many souls today the devil got to rob.
The news said over fifty thousand were killed this very day,
Oh, Father God he said, in such a tragic way!

Men, women, and children, for many this day would be their last,
As the walls came tumbling down so very, very fast.
People standing and watching helpless, stunned by what they see,
Panic stricken, their only thoughts find safety, but where could they flee?

Shock and disbelief as screams and dust fill the air,
And realization faces those alive that death is everywhere.
This world is feeling birthing pains, the time is getting near,
What just happened in Haiti, could just as easily happen here!  

We can never stop the Hand of God, but we can be ready for that day,
The old man raised his head and looked at me and said son join me as I pray.
His collar now was wet from tears as he led us both in prayer,
Those that are lost I pray somehow they find their way to someone who can share!