letter to my brother

Written by: mike patrick

a letter to my brother
of whom I hold dear
he's accross the ocean
so far from here

he fights in a war
of which is not his own
many stand beside him
he is not alone

I pray he makes it home
to his family and friends
I pray the war ends
and U.S. and iraq make amends

I miss my brother like no other
but i am proud of where he stands
his endurance to take the pain
his courage to unite foreign hands

brother I'll be here when you get home
I'll be the first to thank you for all you've done
for I am proud to be your brother
you stand and fight when all others would run

you have a strong heart, mind, and soul
so i know the devil wont try to take any brother of mine
I know you will all come home safe
I know everything will be just fine

but there are some things I think you should know
some things I have probably  said before
but I dont think it will hurt
to tell you once more

I love you for who you are and for what you do
...I miss my brother and best friend
but no matter what happens
I promise i'll see you again in the end

to my brother and his brothers in arms- be safe.