do you feel the same?

Written by: mike patrick

In a world so diverse
Love is but a curse
Ours is one to cherish
Very likely to one day perish
Even though it is very strong
Youth these days dont last too long
Over time lust will fade
Uncovering feelings hidden in the shade
So tell me now this is real
Or tell me how you truely feel
Tell me what u want to say
Each and every single day
Love me, for who i am
Let me know you give a dam
More and more i fall for you
Every word i say is true
Dont let me down, dont let me fall
Over the ledge, into the wall
You put me to the test
Openly, i'll admit, you're the best
Under pressure most will flee
Forget that you're stuck with me
Every day i'll hold you tight
Even in the depths of night
Longing to feel your touch
Telling you i love you so so much
Hoping that you feel the same
Easy to lie, but such a shame
So honest and true
Admit that you love me too
Maybe yes maybe no, but its not a game
Everyday i love you, so tell me, do you feel the same?

the first letter in each line= the last line?