Written by: mike patrick

i may have caused a little hell
but you have taught me very well
life isnt easy and times can be hard
and sometimes you just have to play your best card

you've tried and tried and done your best
and i hold your advice over the rest
you've hung in there over the test of time
the only person ive ever seen stretch a dollar from a dime

you've made sure i was happy no matter the price
anything i've asked for you never thought twice
i may not be listening but i still hear what you say
i know im stubborn and tend to learn the hard way

the people in your life that deserve a toast
often the ones that matter the most
taken for granted every single day
too many times i have forgotten to say...

you have always been there you've never let me down
now all i want is to live a simple life in a small town
you may not notice but i see all that you do
you deserve it a million times over but... thank you