Written by: Scarlett Sepulvado Anderson

At long last hear the wind blow through the trees
No longer forced to bow down to their knees
Hear all the peaceful sounds that nature makes
The serene sounds sadness away it takes

Listen. Listen to the wind blow through trees
Maybe. Just maybe, you will hear the breeze
Hear among you. Hear the children's laughter
You'll see this feeling is what you're after

Destination always remains to be
The question at heart to where will it lead
Ask Where? But what does it really matter?
As long as you can hear children's laughter

Dare you listen not while the birds do sing
Cannot. Will not. Would could that birdsong bring
Listen. Listen to all the peaceful sounds
Are you that weary and say you have grounds?

Be aware so you ultimately see
There is a purpose. A reason to be

Copyright © by Scarlett Anderson

Written in '89
Twas not the perfect kind  
Revised in 2010 (twenty ten)
with the help of a friend

First her words made me start
Because I'm not that smart
But through tangled words
Advice and love I heard

Much thanks to Deb Guzzi
For helping this newbie.

Is this a Sonnet yet?

Copyright © by Scarlett Anderson