Written by: felix joseph osaeghemede



Who am I, I ask myself?

My true mood I can’t explain

Sometimes I feel am chained

Expression has to be plain

By this, I can kill this pain 

Wisdom pours in like rain

Seek it and make some gain


Yet my impact is yet be felt

What is my fault?

Oh, yes me

Who am I?


Who I am, I ask again.

Within me, I see a hole 

Flourishing, within is a soul

Joy alone nurtures its roots

Yes! Happiness is its fruits


Is that, who am I?

Yes, I want to know.

As a stream, I begin to flow 

Over time, I have to grow

An unending stretch, as I flow

My source, makes the grow

Halting my exit, in a quick bow


Now I know who I am!

My mood has been planed

 I see I have a soul

Liberated, as it flows from source

My source is high up celestial

He makes me, who I am


As a seed I was

Contending amongst striving millions

I won the chance to be me 

Who am I?

Yes! A champion , defeating the many

I am me today ,

‘cos he knew me then

And picked for his choice



Am a star in a dark world

A destiny loaded to deliver

Igniting change like a spark

Am great, so he created

A wonder his hand has craft



Now I know, who I am

In the light of great wisdom

His illumination, has revealed

Am a part of him



 Author: Holy Spirit

Felix Joseph Osaeghemede      



Written:24-08-2007 ;3-35am.  



“The greatest offence to you, is not knowing the real you in you, that wants to empower you”

(Felix Joseph osaeghemede )