Don't you, ever

Written by: Keabetswe Molotsi

Don't tell me just how much you care,
that you might even love me.
It only makes it hard to bear,
much worse when I must leave you.
It's hard enough when we don't speak-
yet torture when I'm with you.
Knowing well, once every week,
exactly what I'll go through.

Don't tell me easy aint so easy,
tell me oh how great it's going.
Maybe's you'll breathe better knowing
that i'm hurting just as bad.
I want to know your mind is losing
every little thought of me.
I've had a lot of bruising
so I'm used to this, you see.

But if you can be happy, 
then I know I should move on.

No point in hoping, is there?
No point in holding on.
No point in tryin` to reach you if your heart's already gone

So I ask you now, I'm kneeling.
Don't tell me how you're feeling.
Don't tell me just, don't tell me...

Don't you ever tell me that.