Written by: Marylyn Trujillo

I see how u look at those gurls that walk down the street
how can i be so stupid my weight s whats the problem.
I see how late at night when u think am asleep how u 
secretly get up and look at porn!! how can this be..?

I feel so lost to this so ugly on the outside but so 
beautiful inside how can this be help me it just wont 
go away!! The  pain i feel how do i make this stop ?

I see how  hide ur phone so i wont see the call nor the
pictures ho can i be so stupid i had ur child for u but its like
u dont want me to lose the weight just locked up in the house
how can i let this happen i used to be strong??!!

How can i be so stupid i love u but yet u hide from me u 
cant bear to look at me nor touch me how can u be so cruel 
am not allowed to leave alone !! how can i be myself if u want
me to pretend to be someone else?? Every time i try to act like
myself its like u shut me down!!

I see how it is how life must be some day life will change 
i just keep hopeing god will ease my pain as quicklyy as 
possible i love my son but to see u makeing me suffer
like no one should i prefer to give my life in gods hands!!!