Beautiful you are

Written by: Diogenes Zuniga

Beautiful you are!!
the sun - the stars;
the moon - the ocean.

The blue - the yellow;
the red - the beauty potion.

The silky - the smooth;
the everlasting lotion.

I am speechless to your beauty,
and amaze to your duty.

The holy motion -
of your spirit; the holy spirit.

Jesus is the number one beauty;
confess it and admit it.

No shame of you!!
just conquer - he did it,
he lives - just beat it.

The beauty, the sweet - the honey;
the yummy that turns bitter.

The sour - just spit it, 
enjoy his beauty, 
and be seated.

The alphabet it’s not enough
to describe your beauty - your jealousy
and your fury.

"I am that I am"
The love, the beauty.