What Then is Justice?

Written by: Saud Zarooni

An impure world made of demons, what then is justice?
Endure before you question, you wicked flower.
Dream of hypocrisy, stare of those wary eyes,
Purities & faults, no longer discernible…
The light fades, & like a babe,
You sleep within the wombs of darkness.
Solitude is your true love,
Perhaps your only ally,
Each & every one of you, bathed in blood,
Born in these times,
O chosen princes.
Fighting composes your banquet,
Ahh, I am the all-beautiful & omnipotent.
Mother of love,
Who gave birth to you.
Yet are my heart nourishing brethren of hell?
The mark of revelations, what then is the truth behind it?
You don’t not even attempt to fathom &
Bury them, the seeds of hidden deeds.
Double-edged swords, draw your sword at the sword directed at you
& only believe in what you need to protect.
Release yourself as the way you are…