Loving and Talking to God

Written by: Kelly Zakerski

God, I know that you can hear me
Even if I do not speak.
I come to you on bended knee
Your guidance is what I seek.

God, I know that people question
 I tell them you are real.
I never forget to mention
Your presence I can feel.

God, I know my prayers you’ll answer
Although it may take some time.
It may not be what I’m after
But it’s your will and not mine.
God, I know you are always near
When Satan causes my fall.
Your will is not always so clear
That’s when my faith says it all.

God, I know that I make mistakes
Forgiveness is such a gift.
My trust and belief I misplace
Yet my burdens you will lift.

God, I know you’ll show me your way
And help me clean up my mess.
To ask you is all I must say
And you’ll do all of the rest.

God, I know that I’ve been lied to
That’s when I begin to doubt.
I must give my problems to you
For that’s what you’re all about.

God, I know that someday we’ll meet
Somewhat scary yet so true.
Coming through your gates will be neat
I’d love standing next to you.