you havent changed a bit

Written by: sarah larrieu

why isit when im right 
you saay im wrong
when i say you havent changed 
you say you have

why is it that i can see right through you
why is it that you can`t be truthful to me 
is it that you cant be  trusted or is it that 
you just want to mes with my heart 

you say you like having sex
i say im not intrested 
you say im your gurl an
 i suppose to give to you
i say im gone

you ask me for another chance 
you say you changed 
then all of a suddn 
were toghther 
suppose to be forever

you tell me you have this other
gurl on the side 
i say whos the slit
you say your gurl that give you what 
you want

i ask you what game what 
you were playing 
you say you wasnt playing a game 
i said iwas rightnot gettn back with you

you ask me why
i say you creepin behind my back
you say not
isay what you