The Good Ol' US Of A

Written by: Robert L. Hinshaw

I've traveled by plane and ship all about this celestial ball;
Visited many fascinating lands and intriguing ports of call.
I've done it all, seen it all and no matter whence I stray,
There ain't nothin' like livin' in the good ol' US of A!

I've marveled as the risin' sun tinted Mount Fuji in Japan;
Was awed by the rugged Khyber Pass in mystic Pakistan;
I've viewed magnificent sunsets from the shores of Naples Bay,
But these pale compared to the grandeur of the good ol' US of A!

I've seen the hopelessness of people under the heel of oppression;
Their struggles to exist, their lack of freedom of expression;
People ruled by despotic regimes in which they have no say;
Thank God for the freedoms we enjoy in the good ol' US of A!

Many are the patriots who placed national destiny above their own,
To ensure that our precious liberties would ne'er be overthrown.
They sleep awaiting Gabriel's clarion call 'neath hallowed clay;
Thanks to them, Old Glory yet waves o'er the good ol' US of A!

Thanks to our Founding Fathers who with unwavering resolution,
Framed that sacred beacon of hope, our precious Constitution!
Even with its many flaws, without reservation I can proudly say:
"I'm so privileged to be a citizen of the good ol' US of A!