Why The Cat Purrs

Written by: Corinne Curcio

Why the Cat Purrs

There once was a Persian Pussycat
Who always loved to pounce
He relished skittering, squeaking mice
That he munched on by the ounce

One day a mouse named Mortimer
Cried: “I’m no tasty treat!
You’ll surely hate my bones and fur
Sticking in your teeth!”

“So Percival, please be merciful 
Have a heart - reconsider – do!
Even a fine feline like yourself
Loathes a messy meal – don’t you?”

“Little mousy morsel purr-haps you’re right”
His Royal Percyness said
“In fact, purr-suade me, impurr-tinent pal 
Make me spare your life instead”

As the cat settled down and fluffed his ruff
Morty’s sweat began to run
Mr. P flashed his beautiful azure eyes
You could tell he was having fun

“All cats love chicken and beef” said the mouse
“It’s so easy to open up tins! 
Say – you could lie on a beach all day
Ingesting fish with great big fins!” 

“As if I would deign to get sand in my coat”
Besides, I already eat those”
I’ve had dinner, but guess who'll be dessert?”
Then swallowed Morty from head to toes

Every breed of cat is purr-fectly content
Chasing and playing with its prey
They have their mouse and eat it too
That’s purr-petually their way

Entry for the Cat Tails Contest by Constance La France