1-6-88 jason lyrics

Written by: Louis Borgo

It was girls in my life, 
that i remember, 
oh how i remember, 
the first hey and G-o-o-d b-y-e to that yellow brick road
(if sounds could reflected those tones)   

Songs impression my soul, 
like pedals so cruel to a rose, 
Songs linguare like clock work, 
of links of frame's of dear 'i told you so', 
(This Dear Photo)   

Words couldn't explain this stranes, 
like the Softest Place On Earth
monomial the capture of this changed man
but bitter sweet it remind me, 
of 'Girl I Use To Know
You got the key open my heart 

Within this 'lullaby', 
let true story be told, 
cause i say costantly i must be the king of 
sorrow and im truely Walking A Way
and crying every one tears the night before 

Dust to a early good morn will she remember my birthday 
or how i sing 'beauty' to 
her most humble home, 

Because today is the 1-6 of what ever this year, 
maybe and, im saying good morning 
that make today this bless it day

But, sadly to say will she every know my name  
But good inter wishen to 'y-o-u'
Because when he said he never going dance again got no rythm

I said  to myself to ask her may i have this dance'! ! ! 

And the only thing i can remember is word from songs,
as it was written in my soul, 
you can just call me jason and remember the date,
why be so shy?

1-6-88(jason lyrics)