A lovers letter

Written by: Mutemwa Gideon

I do not love you as life loves life.
I love you as love life loves.
Love which takes my life in the palm of its heart,
And starts a fire that burns my soul,
Boiling my blood into vapors of venomous passion,
Toxic drops of love in life.
My bones turn into clay-
Soft clay of desire oozing from my skin,
And the sight of my eyes evolving wings of a butterfly
Floating over the ocean of time
Gracefully to come and eat of the nectar 
Of the flower that blooms in your heart.

My dear love, I will let you know
That when I'm around you-
My soul freezes as a star,
That is billions of love years away,
Twinkling in awe over your presence

So I love you
Because you are the one I love.